17 Different Types Of Pants For Men To Own In 2022

Including all the formal and casual ones, the men’s types of pants are huge in numbers. The right kind of pants can give you immense confidence as you wear them with a view to the occasional ambiance.

Some are appropriate for formal requirements such as in offices, outdoor meetings, and formal events, whereas others are not.

Some of them are ideal to wear casually. This style guide will provide all the information about different types of pants for men to enhance your styling and to fill your wardrobe with the right and needed articles.

Here is the comprehensive list of all the famous types of pants to own in 2022:


Types of Pants To Include In Wardrobe

Dress Pants

Dress pants are most known types of pants. While shopping for yourself, you must put the cool dress pants in the cart. These pants give you a smart look at work, and with the exception of shirts, they are good for casual as well.

Being the most popular among all types of pants names for guys, these are a must for everyone to have a couple of pairs if they want to carry a fine outfit.

In formal wear, like in offices, you can wear them with a dress shirt to give a perfect professional  look.

In casual, you can wear these types of pants with a shirt and blazer for more comfort. Make sure you get them in grey, navy, and black to ensure a fine look.

Dress Pants


The ultimate purpose of Chinos is to provide you with immense comfort and warmth with 100% cotton fabric.

Chinos are lightweight pants, which makes them most suitable for outdoor events as compared to other types of men’s pants.

You can have chinos with the right kind of matching in terms of shirts and footwear to enhance your styling and make yourself prominent among all the rest.

These pants have been the foremost choice for Hollywood heartthrobs and have been worn for a century.


Khakis are one of the most stylish pants for men as they are fitted yet relaxed and comfortable to wear. They give off a classy vibe that is appropriate for both business and casual gatherings.

The main difference between chinos and khakis is that the former is made of light cotton, whereas the latter is made of hard cotton to give your outfit the perfect stiffness.

Khakis are good with all types of pants, which you can wear with a dress shirt, casual shirts, and tee-shirts with a jacket or blazer to complete the look.

Having khakis in your wardrobe is a cool, trendy, and versatile choice to make in 2022.



There is no need to introduce this men’s pants style as jeans are forever stylish and a must-have types of pants for all the guys out there. Jeans have multiple types, including slim-fit, straight, relaxed, and loose.

The men lifestyle magazine shows many catchy looks for jeans lovers.

Furthermore, you have to select the jeans in accordance with your body type. Some people like skinny jeans for a thinner cut, while some prefer straight and loose pants to deal with their thighs’ fittings.

For this purpose, many brands make stretchable pants that are comfortably adjustable to your body. Most people like to wear jeans with graphic tees, sweat shirts, sweaters, and other casual uppers.


Slim-Fit Trousers

Slim-fit trousers are the cool choice to make to show off your style for casual wear. These types of pants can give you the most comfortable and relaxed experience. You can wear these casual yet trendy pants with tee shirts for a lighter appearance.

Whereas, you can put them up with a blazer to carry the dark tone. These trousers can adjust easily between day and night while providing you with the most relaxed feeling as compared to any other bottom option.

You just have to get them very tailored according to the specific styling look that you want from them.

Drawstring Trousers

In this time of remote working and quite often delivering work from home, drawstring trousers are perfect for your casual work routine. These pants are trendy, stylish, and in fashion right now, along with other types of pants.

Also, you cannot question their popularity as they can give you a cool and comfortable look for your casual social events outside.

Thereby, you can have them with tees and bloomers to carry a streetwear look with tremendous styling. You must have these pants if you go on some trips or any other travel plans.

Drawstring Trousers

Wool Trousers

Wool trousers can include multiple types of fabrics, like mohair or gabardine. Each of the suitable textile options serves an individual purpose of wearing and matches many styles.

If you want to have wool trousers for your work routine, then you must go for mohair. The reason for choosing mohair is that it can retain its fine shape for many days.

You can also wear these wool trousers for travelling purposes as they are comfortable throughout the time. Wool trousers look best if you pair them with a cable knit sweater and boots. You should have these among all the other types of pants in your wardrobe.

Relaxed Leg Trousers

Relaxed-leg trousers were used in old times and recently came back into style. You can wear these pants as a casual or smart casual piece.

The most important thing to consider while shopping is the appropriate length, as pants size for men matter a lot when it comes to the relaxed leg trousers.

Otherwise, you will not be able to hit the mark. If you find it difficult to get the best size for yourself, you should go for the closest one, and then you can give it to a tailor to get the perfect length. You should have relaxed-leg trousers with cuffs for a more accurate look.

Relaxed Leg Trousers

Grey Flannel Trousers

Grey flannel trousers are formal wear and can provide you with the elegant look to stand out in a crowd. They are easy to maintain as the fundamental color doesn’t show dirt quite often, so you can carry them for a longer period.

One drawback of these pants is that you can not wear them with all the shirt colors as compared to other types of pants.

These flannel trousers are for winter as the wool fabric provides warmth against environmental chills. You can wear them with a blazer and pattern jacket to complete your formal look.

Jogger Pants

Joggers pants have been quite trendy for so long. No matter if you spend the day at home or outside, they provide you with a comfortable experience throughout the time.

These are ideal for casual wear, but you can add up the style by pairing them with a blazer, bright shoes, or unique touch ups with accessories.

For young dads, these pants are the best choice to make of all the other types of pants, as they have to run after toddlers, so they must be relaxed in their bottom wear.

These pants are a must-have item in any wardrobe if you want to carry out your styling with ease.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers belong to the 80’s style. However, the guys welcomed it back recently in modern types of pants. These pants work better if you pair them with some modern tweaks.

Wear these casual ones up to the ankle to show off a bold and catchy style with a nice shirt, a long jacket, attractive socks, and bright shoes. Like relaxed leg trousers, the length of cropped trousers should be correct as per your height.

The cuffs must be higher up to the ankle to get the right spot. If you are unable to find the right size, you can always have them altered by your tailor.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are the cool choice to make when it comes to carrying a feeling of bagginess. However, you should ignore explorer-style balloon pants and go for slimmer ones without large pockets and extra bagginess.

These pants are revived for modern men in order to experience ease with modernism. You must have cargo pants in your wardrobe to make your casual look more impressive.

The ultimate tips for men suggest you have cargo pants in trendy colors like green, blue, and camel. You should pair them with shirts that have a good contrast and enjoy the feeling of cool styling.

Cargo Pants

Tracksuit Bottoms

Tracksuit bottoms are not limited only to the morning track. You can have these bottoms just like other types of pants.

You can use them in the gym, in bed, and other social meetups to experience style with comfort. The bomber jackets are a perfect match for these pants.

You can go with neutral tees to carry a simple yet cool outfit. You can also wear baggy vests for more convenience on lazy days at home.

The fundamental colors of tracksuit bottoms are black, blue, and grey. Just make sure to carry a bold and bright pair of shoes with them to complete your desired look.

Sweat Pants

Sweat pants are the traditional option for casual, comfortable, and cozy bottoms in all the types of pants. You can have these pants while being at home watching your favorite show in the lounge and also out doing groceries.

They are the best choice for all casual occasions. The purpose of both types is to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience. The joggers and sweat pants vary in the type of fabric used.

The joggers are usually made of thin, lightweight material and are ideal for summer. Sweat pants, on the other hand, are made of thicker fabric to keep you warm in the winter.

You should buy the sweatpants in solid colors and go for fitted ones rather than more baggy ones.

Sweat Pants

Pleated Trousers

The pleated trouser is a trademark of style, confidence, and presentation. These pants continue to return in fashion every few decades. This shows how much-loved this trend is among men of all ages.

You can elevate your look by combining this classic style with modern accessories. You can show the world your unique styling and present yourself in a crowd by carrying this classic modern look.

The leather jacket goes well with these pants and will enhance your overall appearance. Do not forget to roll up your shirt sleeves for a more traditional, cool, and casual look.

Furthermore, you can have these pants for both formal and informal occasions. These pants have a more ancient history as compared to other types of pants for men.

Corduroy Pants

You can have corduroy pants for casual wear paired with some graphic tees and well-fitted sweaters.

The fabric of these pants is vintage and thick in texture, which makes them well suited for winter.

You can take the ultimate warmth in the cold while putting style in the air to feel confident. You should have these pants in your wardrobe with other stylish types of pants. They are ideal for attending family gatherings and for a well-spent day outside with friends.

Corduroy Pants

Pyjama Pants

Pyjama pants are the most casual of all the types of pants to wear with style and comfort. You can have pyjama pants as the best option for bed wear and also for moving around the house.

You will be confident even if someone checks on you without mentioning it because these pants are trendy while using high quality and catchy patterns of fabric.

Mostly, these pants come in a check design. You should consider one thing while shopping for these pyjama pants, they must feel soft on the skin.


To conclude, there are many types of pants for men which you must shop for in your wardrobe to carry an attractive style on all the different occasions.

Some kinds of pants are for professional and formal wear, while others are for informal events and gatherings.

Just remember that, whatever the occasion, you must stand out with an appropriate outfit and eye-catching looks. You should always follow the mentioned rules for wearing each kind of pant paired with the right contrast.

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