Best podcasts for Men

Podcasts are an easy way to learn new things or catch up on the latest news in your life without having to turn on the TV or read a newspaper. Men’s podcasts are a great source of entertainment and information, and they cover topics like sports, technology, politics, and more.

The best podcasts for men usually offer a mix of entertainment and information to keep you up-to-date with the latest news. Examples include The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferris Show, Pod Save America, and many more.

If you are wondering, “What podcast should I listen to?” The most important thing to remember when listening to the best podcast for men is that you should be able to listen without distraction. However you should also ensure that the podcast is relevant and has something new for you every episode. There are a lot of podcasts out there that cater to the male audience. 

22 Ultimate Podcasts for Men to Learn From

If you’re looking for something specific, like a podcast that talks about sports or one that talks about male issues, then you should check out this Men Lifestyle Magazine post. Here are the top 22 podcasts for men:

1. The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is one of the podcasts for men that provides an in-depth look into men’s and women’s minds. Each episode shares the story of people’s lives and their thoughts about how to live, learn, grow & thrive.

It is the best podcast for men that helps men live their best lives with confidence, charisma, and style. If you’re looking for motivational podcasts for men, look no further. It is a show that teaches men how to improve their personal life and confidence levels.

The Art of Charm

2. The Beige Phillip Show

In recent years, podcasts have become a popular medium for communicating your message. They provide people with an alternative to traditional media, allowing them to listen to quality information in the comfort of their homes.

There are many podcasts for men out there that cater to various demographics, but what do we need? The Beige Phillip Show is another best podcast for men that has been around for over a decade and has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or some serious advice on everyday life, this show is perfect for you. It focuses on men looking for advice on communication.

The show is hosted by Phillip, who shares his extensive knowledge of dating and relationships. The show also describes “How to be a better man.”

The Beige Phillip Show

3. ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM – Ben & Skin

ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM is a radio station that offers sports coverage, entertainment, and lifestyle content. It is one of the good podcasts for men. Whether you want to get pumped for your work day or just need weekly motivation, these two Dallas Cowboys fans have covered you.

They find the week’s best sports stories and break them down for their listeners. If you’re looking for a way to share your fandom with your partner, partner in crime, or even a coworker, these two will make you feel like part of the team.

4. FOX Sports Radio with Dan Patrick

FOX Sports Radio with Dan Patrick is a popular network of sports-oriented radio programs. This one of the best podcasts for men is known for its high-quality radio broadcasts and insightful interviews with athletes, coaches, and celebrities.

You hear about the latest breaking news in the sports world, current players and coaches, and play-by-play updates from live sporting events.

However, you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy sports radio because it’s also known for its lively discussions on pop culture and off-the-field issues.

5. Grantland Sports Podcasts

It is no secret that many men are interested in sports. These podcasts give the best coverage of sports, news, and features from the world of sports. The content is always exciting and informative for men.

It may seem slightly odd, but podcasts for men are a great way to start your day. Men’s sports are often the most unpopular and overlooked.

Grantland Sports Podcasts provide an insightful, educational, and entertaining experience for these underrepresented sports. It covers topics like Michael Jordan, college football, and professional sports.

6. Joe Rogan Experience

One of the best podcasts for men is the Joe Rogan Experience, which covers topics like self-improvement, health, and relationships. Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor, martial artist, and podcast enthusiast.

He hosts the best podcast for men in the world, covering a wide range of topics from politics to comedy to entertainment.

This show is perfect for men who want to be entertained and informed on various topics. The podcast is about personal development that has been around since 2009.

It covers topics like self-improvement, health, and relationships but also has a variety of other issues as well, like science and technology.

Joe Rogan Experience

7. NPR: Sports News & Interviews

Sports are a huge part of America’s culture, so it is no surprise that many people have a passion for sports. NPR is the premier source of news, interviews, and documentaries for those interested in sports.

It is one of the best podcasts for guys. By listening to NPR, you will find a wide variety of topics such as news updates, world politics, business, and industry stories. With their diverse topics, you’ll find something for everyone.

8. The Opie & Anthony Show

The Opie & Anthony Show, were the first to bring back talk radio to a mainstream audience in the United States. They were also among the first to take their program on the road, regularly visiting other cities in America and abroad.

These podcasts for men are usually filled with humor and commentary on recent events. They also have male guests such as comedians, actors, musicians, and authors that offer their experiences to the audience.

The Opie & Anthony Show

9. Punk’d Radio with Heathcliff Berru

This podcast is a commentary on pop culture, from personal to political. It’s about music, books, movies, TV shows, and other things that attract the viewer’s attention.

Punk’d Radio is one of the best podcasts for young men that serves as a platform for Heathcliff Berru to pass on his wisdom and advice to listeners.

He interviews people in the entertainment industry about their experiences, thoughts, and opinions on everything from public speaking to getting into the rock business.

It is a podcast dedicated to the humorous and the oddball of society. It’s a radio show broadcast to the masses, but its content is not exclusively for men.

10. The Right Time with Bomani Jones

The Right Time with Bomani Jones is a radio show that is supposed to be a mix of news and talk. The podcast aims to provide some insight into what’s happening in the world and give you some good laughs.

It is one of the top podcasts for men in its niche category and offers a cathartic experience for men who’ve been through a rough patch.

The Right Time with Bomani Jones

11. The Rich Eisen Show

Rich Eisen is an American actor, commentator, and producer. He has hosted The Rich Eisen Show since 2014.

He is one of the most popular sports internet radio shows and hosts one of the best podcasts for guys in their 20s. It features sports commentary, interviews with athletes and celebrities, movie reviews, and podcasts that men favor.

12. The Ross Report with Jim Ross

The Ross Report with Jim Ross is a podcast that provides in-depth and candid interviews with the stars of the WWE. Jim Ross has interviewed some of the biggest names in the business, including Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Steve Austin, and more.

It is one of the most interesting podcasts. The podcast is an insightful conversation about all things in pro-wrestling and beyond.

The Ross Report with Jim Ross

13. Dan Le Batard Show

It is also one of the most popular podcasts for guys with sports, entertainment, and business guests. Dan Le Batard takes his job very seriously and always gets the most exciting guests for his show.

The guests range from athletes to actors to comedians, but all share one trait: they are often in the news.

14. The Steve Austin Show

The Steve Austin Show is a podcast hosted by Steve Austin, one of the most famous bodybuilders of all time.

He has been interviewed on TV and radio programs and written articles for magazines. The program includes podcasts for men on “How to Build Muscle” and “How to Build Muscle Naturally.”

The Steve Austin Show

15. The Tony Kornheiser Show

The Tony Kornheiser Show is a weekly sports talk show that analyzes the biggest news in the world of sports. Tony Kornheiser hosts the show.

It is one of the most interesting podcasts to listen to. It features interviews with athletes, analysts, and coaches like Michael Jordan, Bill Belichick, Jimmy Butler & more.

16. True Crime Garage

For the best true-crime podcasts for men, head to your favorite podcasting app and download this one. Each episode of True Crime Garage is dedicated to a different crime.

Host Ed Morin and his panel of experts discuss the crime from various perspectives, including legal, journalistic, social, cultural, and more. This podcast is entertaining and informative for true-crime enthusiasts.

17. Unfiltered with James O’Brien

James O’Brien is a British radio and podcast host known for his outspoken, no-holds-barred approach to issues. His show covers political, social, cultural, and entertainment topics in a refreshingly honest style.

Unfiltered takes on controversial issues such as gender equality and provides an engaging platform for debate.

18. Podcasts by Alan Hahn

These podcasts for men by Alan Hahn bring listeners to the front lines of culture, entertainment, and news. Host Alan Hahn interviews celebrities and tastemakers across various topics, from pop culture to politics.

With guests ranging from John Oliver to Solange Knowles and more, you will surely find plenty of smart conversations with interesting people.

The show is an open forum where guests have the chance to discuss topics ranging from art and culture, music, technology, politics, and much more – all in a casual atmosphere.

19. Podcasts by Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is one of the best baseball players in history. He has a podcast that chronicles his life and career.

It is an informative and exciting listen for anyone interested in the sport. He is known for his records and achievements on the field and his off-the-field lifestyle.

20. The Zach Gelb Show

Zach Gelb is a well-known podcaster who has been interviewed on numerous podcasts over the years.

The show is a podcast centered on masculinity, tips for men, sports in the workplace, and pop culture. This podcast is perfect for men who want to stay up to date on everything related to sports.

The Zach Gelb Show

21. Joe and Evan Show

Professional football is rough, but it doesn’t have to be. Joe and Evan podcast travels the world when they find players breaking stereotypes and changing their game.

Listeners will learn how these players use the game of football to make positive contributions to their community.

Joe and Evan bring a fresh perspective to the world of podcasts for men. They are both experts in their fields, but they work together as a team so that they can provide you with the essential information and advice in one place.

22. The Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour is a radio show that features storytelling, music, and comedy. The show has shared the spotlight on topics such as marriage equality, gender equality, and discrimination.

It covers true stories from everyday people that have been affected by tragedy or hardship in their lives.

The Moth Radio Hour is a podcast about true stories from ordinary people that have been affected by tragedy or problems in their lives. It also has a variety of other stories that tackle topics such as science, the arts, health, and fitness.


Podcasts have gained popularity recently, with many people now listening to them instead of tuning into the radio. They are free on most platforms and provide a unique platform for creatives to share their work.

These best podcasts for men give guys access to the truth and the world’s most successful men. They are a free source of inspiration, information, and guidance that can change your life. You can also find the best morning podcasts on Spotify.

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