Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees

Who does not like tees? It is a basic apparel we’ve been wearing since the early 20th century. Many options are available on the market. From basic t-shirts to affordable premium tees. This article is about two brands fresh clean tees vs true classic tees. If you enjoy fashion and to wear tees or casual wear. Then Fresh Clean Tees and True Classic Tees are a must for your wardrobe.

Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees


True Classic Tees

Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees Comparison

Both Fresh Clean and True Classic Tees are good choices to keep the wardrobe up to date, having good stuff and without spending a fortune.

There are some differences between these two. We will try to review both brands.

Below table explains differences and similarities of Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees at a glance.

FeaturesFresh Clean TeesTrue Classic Tees
Fibers UsedCotton, Polyester, Modal, RayonCotton, Polyester
Yarn TypesRing SpunRing Spun
Fabric TypeKnittedKnitted
Overall Blend (Claimed)Stratusoft Proprietary fabric Blend 60% Cotton 40% Poly / Rayon / Modal60% Cotton 40% Poly
Finish TypeSoftSoft
Size RangeSmall to 3XLSmall to 3XL
Price RangeUS$19 EachUS$23 Each
Subscription PlanNoYes
Bundle PacksAvailableAvailable
Discounts10% Off with email subscription – 1st order only20% Off with email subscription – 1st order only
Features ClaimedDurable Super Soft, Lightweight, BreathableSoft, Breathable
VariationsCrew-Neck, V-Necks, Henleys, Pockets, Slim Fit, Long BodyCrew-Neck, V-Neck, Henley, Pocket tees, Slim Fit, Long Body
Other ProductsPolo, Hoodies, Tanks, SocksPolo, Hoodies, Tanks, Raglans, Activewear, Bottoms, Sweatshirts, Accessories
Warranty100 DaysFree Exchange & Returns
Manufacturing FacilitiesUSA, Colombia, Guatemala, PhilippinesChina
Comparison Table Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees

Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Threads
Fresh Clean Tees Logo


  • Durable
  • Well Fitting
  • Options of materials
  • Stratusoft Proprietary fabric Blend
  • Variety of colors
  • Value for money


  • Bundle packs are bit pricy

Fresh Clean Tees offers a range of t-shirts and other apparels that fit in everyday need. It’s a style you can wear with anything for both casual and dressy occasions.

The brand was started back in 2015 as a casual wear subscription service, by couple Matthew and Melissa. Later on they moved into the online shopping business to consumer model.

Their aim is to offer the highest quality apparels to help men feel and look good. The brand is known for modernized and fitted T-shirts at good prices.

According to a press release on August 9, 2022, Fresh Clean Tees, changed their name to “Fresh Clean Threads”. This change happened after operating for seven years since its incorporation in 2015 under brand name of “Fresh Clean Tees”. Reason of this change is mainly due to their broad product range and new brand name goes well with it.

They have changed Brand logo and updated their website to reflect this change of bran name. So far they have not changed their website name or domain name, it is still operating as “”. Now all the products of Fresh Clean Tees will have “Fresh Clean Threads” as brand name & logo.

Design of a Fresh Clean Tee vs a True Classic Tee

Fresh Clean Crew Neck

Fresh Clean Tees Features


Ring spun yarn is used.


Soft and stretchable knitted fabric is used. Unlike other tee companies they use proprietary stratusoft fabric blend. The fabric is mix of 60 % cotton and 40 % polyester.

Their Echo Fresh fabric is made with rare to find, organic cotton & modal. They also use a tri-blend fabric made with Cotton + two other fibers.

The fabric is lightweight & durable, having enough weight to make it perfect fit for any type of body.

Cotton in the fabric ensures its breathability and comfort. While synthetic fibers add features, like easy care, quick dry & washable at low heat.

Fresh Clean Tees has done its homework to ensure that products are made to last longer and stay intact.

Knitted Fabric View
Knitted Fabric View Of Fresh Clean Tees


Stitching quality is unraveled.

Instead of making circular knitted tees, front and back parts are sewn together by safety overlock on sides. Side seams give the best look and feel of tee on its own or layered and keep it in shape during use and washing.

Hems are chain stitched, which will not fray easily. Neck lines and collars are designed to stay in place wash after wash.

Screen printed tags are used to avoid itchy sew in labels.

Screen Printed Thermal Tag
Thermal Screen Printed Tag

How Fresh Clean Tees Fit?

Fresh Clean Tee products come from Small to 3XL. They claim their products are true to size. See their sizing chart here.

These t-shirts come like tailored made and athletic style fit for toned and slim guys. Have slightly longer length, tend to hug the body and accentuate best features.

Fresh Clean Tees fit well and look far better than basic shirts we are used to getting from other brands. It’s perfect for showing off your shape or wearing under jackets and blazers.

Fresh Clean Tees are probably seen as slim or smart fit, but they also fit well to someone having a little belly coming out or having love handles.


Fresh Clean Tees will hold up for dozens of wears and washes. It will stay in shape and color will not fade much. In short these are really durable pieces of shirts.

Price Range of FCT

Price of basic crew neck starts from US$19, if bought in pack then it comes down to US$16.

Echo Fresh shirt’s price starts from US$22, If bought in pack then price is US$20.

Prices of other product and subscription plan can be checked here.

10% Off on specific products and on first order if subscribed to mailing list.


Fresh Clean normally ships orders in a day and uses DHL. Expedited delivery takes 3 days. Standard shipping takes 7 days.

For orders less than $75 shipping costs are around $ 6-8. They offer free shipping for orders equal to $75 or more.

For Fresh Clean subscribers all shipping is free.


Fresh Clean Tees are produced at different locations, like the United States, Colombia, Guatemala & The Philippines.

Other Products of FCT

They also offer long-sleeves, polos, Hoodies, Tanks & Socks.

What We Like About Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees fabric quality is excellent backed by its top class stitching.

These shirts are easy to care and wash. They will not d-shape, fray, fade or pill easily.

More options of blends are available as compared to True Classic Tees.

Unlike many other brands which are loose and drapery, Fresh Clean Tees have flattering fit.

Vast range of colors to choose from light neutral to dark.

Well priced at US$19 which gets lower if bought in bundles.

Observations But Not Negatives

Some of the products other than tees are high priced.

Cost of bundle pack is slightly high.

Variety of products is not as vast as True Classic.

Don’t expect delivery times like Amazon prime.

Some Fresh Clean Tees Worth Checking

True Classic Tees

True Classic Tees
True Classic Tees Logo


  • Giving Back Charity Program
  • Durable
  • Classic Fitting
  • Vast Product Range
  • Variety of colors
  • Cheaper if bought in bundle


  • Not many material options

True Classic Tees is a new brand started in 2018 by Ryan , Nick & Matt, with an aim to do business for good.

They donate a percentage of every sale to schools, local communities & shelter homes. True Classic Tee is worth getting to support their give back program.

Their product range includes more items than Fresh Clean Tees but they don’t offer different material options.

True classic is an affordable brand that pitches itself to produce clothing that fits well and makes you look apart from others. Honestly their shirts actually fit and feel better than competition.

Here is what they claim

We are a people-driven brand, creating products you can trust with a fit and feel that actually make a difference. We believe that the clothes you wear should make you feel confident and comfortable so you can show up as the best version of yourself, everyday. That’s why we offer premium wardrobe essentials at accessible prices so you can look good, feel good, and do some good too.

True Classic
Crew Neck by True Classic Tees

True Classic Crew Neck

True Classic Tees Features


True Classic uses ring spun cotton-poly yarns.


True Classic uses stretchable & soft knitted fabric like Fresh Clean.

However they use only 60/40 cotton/polyester blend. We don’t know any other fiber used in their apparel lines. Fabric is soft finished having a bit heavier feel and has an overall blend of 60% Cotton 40% Polyester.

Mix of cotton and polyester blend makes the fabric airy, stable, easy to care and wash.

Fabric View of True Classic Tees
Knitted Fabric View of True Classic Tees


Stitching is top class. True Classic tees use side seam stitching method by stitching front & back with safety overlock on sides.

Side Seams keep the shirt in shape during use and washing as well as best look & feel of garment.

Collars & Neck lines are made to last dozens of washes. Chain stitch is used on waist-hems to avoid fraying.

Neck lines and collars are designed to stay in place wash after wash.

Thermal screen printed labels are used instead of itchy sew in labels.

Screen Printed tag
Screen Printed tag


Sizing range offered by this brand is Small to 3XL. Sizing chart can be seen here

These garments come with similar fitting like Fresh Clean but they have more room under belly so they fit well if you have some belly. They offer classic cut and modern athletic cut versions.

In most of the cases these garments will fit well to anyone, if correctly chosen.

These shirts are taken as classic fit, but they are equally good for slimmer and curvy bodies.


True Classic tees are made to last for a long period of time going through a number of washes and wears. Tee will retain the shape however it may have more shrinkage than Fresh Clean Tee.

These tees are durable for sure.

Price Points of TCT  

Basic crew neck t-shirt’s price starts from US$23, If bought in pack then it comes down to US$ 14.99.

See complete range of prices here.

20% Off on first order by subscribing to mailing list.


True Classic usually ships orders within 2-3 business days via FedEX or USPS.

Depending upon the courier company delivery time is 2-8 days.

All orders over US$100 get free shipping.


We could not find any reliable information about manufacturing locations other than China

Other products

True Classic Tees also offers long Sleeves, polos, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, raglans, activewear, & bottoms, accessories including hats, socks under wears. You can read more about bottoms here. And if you are into running read our article about best running hats.

Positives about True Classic Tees

Their giving back program is awesome.

They donate about 15k+ shirts per month to homeless shelters, schools and communities.

Excellent fit and fabric will not pill or fade for long time.

Arms shoulders and chest are tailored fit for every body type.

Many colors options to choose from light neutral to dark.

More range of styles compared to Fresh Clean.

Better price if purchased as packs.

Observations But not Deal Breakers

Little expensive for a single shirt.

Free shipping starts for orders over US$100

Less options of fabric blend.

Shrinks a bit more.

Don’t expect Amazon prime delivery standards.

Some True Classic Tees Worth Checking

Summary of Differences Between Both Brands

Both fit slightly differently. Fresh Clean Tee offers a modern, body-hugging fit with a slightly longer length.

True Classic Tee has a more relaxed fit with a shorter length.

Fresh Clean Tee will be shiny or softer due to rayon and modal blends.

True Classic Tee is more versatile due to variety.  

Fresh Clean should be more comfortable for toned or slimmer bodies.

True Classic will fit comfortably to most bodies and to dad bods as well.

Both are perfect for wearing on its own or underneath other clothes.

Both are equally durable and easy to care for, and will retain shape with very less fading

Our Say About Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees

It is very difficult to prefer one brand over the other, because both have features that people love.

In our opinion Fresh clean has unique benefits of different blends and special fabric.

Fresh clean Tees offers a slightly better price.

True classic is equally good choice, due to variation of style & products.

You’ll find both brands good for those, who want timeless and versatile tee that can be styled in many different ways.

It’s worth having shirts to test from both brands and then stick with the one you like most.  

It can’t go wrong with either of them if you’re looking to add some good staples to your wardrobe.

You can also read our latest guide about belt sizes


Is Fresh Clean Tees Still in Business?

Yes they are still in business. They just changed their brand name to Fresh Clean Threads in August 2022. This change of brand name is done to have brand name that fits well with their variety of product range.

Are Fresh Clean Tees Rebranded?

Yes on August 9 2022 , Fresh Clean Tees, announced the change of their name to Fresh Clean Threads, They also changed their brand logo and website is also updated to reflect new brands. However website name still remains same i.e.

Where is Fresh Clean Tees Based?

Fresh Clean Tees now rebranded as Fresh Clean Threads are based in La Jolla, California, United States.

Are Fresh Clean Tees and True Classic Tees the Same Company?

No they are 2 different companies and brands.

What Material is Fresh Clean Tees?

As we have mentioned above. 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester Knitted fabric is used to make most of Fresh Clean Tees. In addition to standard cotton / polyester blend they also use other blend made with fibers like modal & rayon. However fabric Knit type and weight varies depending upon style of product.
For Tees – Single jersey or interlock knit types are used
For Pols – Interlock or Pique knit type are used
For Hoodies – Fleece Knit type is used.

Which is Better, Fresh Clean Tees or True Classic Tees?

Both are good shirts in the budget range. Fresh Clean Tee is a little cheaper than a true classic tees. Fresh Clean Tees offers more fabric blends whereas True Classic Tees offer more or less same fabric blend. If we talk about quality and performance both are almost at same level.

What is Give Back Program of True Classic?

A percentage of each sales is used to donate shirts to schools, homeless shelters and local communities every month.

Are Hoodies & Sweatshirts of Fresh Clean & True Classic Good?

Yes they are good to have in your wardrobes.

Will I Get Discount on Every Purchase From Fresh Clean & True Classic?

Normally discounts are given on first purchase if you subscribe to their mailing lists. But there are occasional discounts available from time to time, you can check their websites for more information.

Are 100% Cotton Shirts Good?

Cotton is the oldest fiber known to make clothes. Cotton shirts are a really good and excellent choice because they are more airy and comfortable but they have issues like high shrink percentage, wrinkles and fading of colors.

What Brand is Best for Men’s T-Shirts?

There are many good men’s t-shirts brands available on the market. Below are some of them which we think are best in their respective categories.
Tommy Hilfiger
Fresh Clean Threads
True Classic Tees
Pepe Jean
US Polo
Everlane Premium
Calvin Klein
James Perse
Under Armour.
Old Navy

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